AusWest SPS

Two self-made, family driven seed businesses came together to answer the question that drove them equally; how can we best help Aussie farmers solve their unique everyday problems?

AusWest Seeds began as West Bros Seeds in the 1950's when the West brothers' family farming operation expanded into pasture seed production. Their initially modest seed cleaning operation and sales outlet soon blossomed into a trading, distribution and marketing business with connections throughout Australia.

Another family company, Stephen Pasture Seeds started in 1957, quickly earning a reputation of trust by providing unbiased advice to rural stores and farmers, becoming known as the most experienced team of pasture seed technical advisers in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

These two respected Australian farming businesses shared an essential vision and values in common; family, community and simply giving farmers access to some of the best seeds and advice in Australia you could ask for.

These proud family and community driven seed businesses joined forces, combining their wealth of knowledge and innovation, to establish the partnership of AusWest Seeds and Stephen Pasture Seeds.

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