PGG Wrightson Seeds’ expertise for seed development, production and marketing means we can deliver seed solutions to our customers around the world.

Our focus is on the provision and export of a range of pasture and forage crop seed options for all types of farm systems. In addition to this we are producers and marketers of commodity products such as Grasslands Nui ryegrass and Grasslands Huia white clover. We also produce and market gardens peas for international markets and offer southern hemisphere multiplication services for a range of specialist forage, amenity and vegetable crops.

We are involved within the whole seed supply chain, working with everyone from farmers through to researchers to add value to the products we offer. Each product is well researched prior to commercialisation.

We have technical experts providing growers with crop husbandry support and an agronomic team providing advice on how to utilise our products, so you can extract the best value possible.

For more information contact:

Stephen Bennett
International Business Development Manager
Mobile: +64 27 555 3349