PGG Wrightson Seeds’ production is centred in Canterbury, New Zealand, one of the premium temperate seed production regions of the world. The company contracts crops with over 300 specialist arable farmers, the majority of which are irrigated and have their own seed harvesting and drying infrastructure. Seed processing is spread across 25 independent plants to optimise throughput as well as through the Company’s own three facilities.

To ensure the consistent supply of high-quality seed, PGG Wrightson Seeds has a team of 18 dedicated arable representatives spread throughout the South Island. This team provides a complete package of services to arable farmers including offering of seed production contracts, cereal and commodity seed purchasing, agronomic advice, agrichemical sales and market information.

Our arable representatives are closely supported by four production agronomy and technology staff who conduct a significant range of scientific research trials and investigate precision agriculture applications on all aspects of seed production.

Hence our production team has developed an extensive range of agronomic skills and capability required to supervise the seed production of over 270 varieties from 25 crop species which are contracted for both domestic and international markets in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. Species contracted include ryegrass, tall fescue, cocksfoot, white and red clover, lucerne, forage herbs, turf grasses, cereals, pulses, forage brassicas, and hybrid and open pollinated vegetables.